Monday, 5 December 2011

The Joys of a Female Led Relationship

Before we embarked on a fully fledged femdom relationship, I believe I was living and unfulfilled existence. I always felt that something was missing.
I had my usual set of female insecurities and used to worry about my weight, stress about my looks whether I was still attractive to my husband.
All that has changed now. My husband, David, is now more attentive, constantly pays me compliments and he looks after my every need both physically and spiritually.
We also communicate much more than we ever used to and I would say I knew him more intimately in the first year of our new found status than I did in the first three year's of our marriage.
It's like I emerged from a cocoon the day we formalised our female-led relationship; it was like everything became clear.
How wonderful, every married woman out there must try it.
It takes work, from both parties, and constant reinforcement, but by golly it's worth it!

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